Advanced Cook Time Estimator and Temperature Tracking Graph

Thermopro TP930 vs TP25 It says only one device at a time because you have to pair it and it will only recognise one phone at a time, but if you have a Galaxy 9+ like me, you might want to consider the wifi version. The app will not work on either my phone or my Asus tablet. And with WiFi, you can use all of your phones at the same time. I'm not sure what Rich W did to make his work, but my iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is running the latest iOS version, disconnects whenever it goes to sleep. I just bought mine last week (10/9/2020). I'm returning it because this 'inconvenience' renders it completely useless for what I wanted it for (I do 16-hour brisket cooks and frequently need a middle-of-the-night alert to wrap...if it's not going to wake me when it reaches temperature, what's the point?)

ThermoPro TP25 Wireless Meat Thermometer with Smart App ThermoPro’s TP25 grilling thermometer with Bluetooth 5.0 technology monitors your food from up to 500 feet away using the ThermoPro app. It comes with four color-coded stainless-steel probes that can be used to read four different types of food at the same time. Set a timed alarm for each probe separately, making this device extremely useful. Receiving and reading an accurate temperature is simple even in the dark, thanks to its step-down probe tip design and backlit LCD display! Advanced Cook Time Estimator and Temperature Tracking Graph: Improve your time management with the intelligent cook time estimator, which tells you how much time you have until the target temperature is reached. The Bluetooth grill thermometer keeps track of the temperatures of your probes and creates a chart in real time. Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides the strongest and most dependable connection, allows for a 650-foot Bluetooth range, making it possible to track temperatures; you’ll always be able to watch your chef from anywhere in your house or yard thanks to disconnection notice! USDA Preset Temperatures: This Bluetooth grill thermometer for an outdoor grill supports nine preset meat temperatures and five USDA-recommended levels of doneness.

All preset temperatures may be changed to suit your preferences, making it ideal for both novice and seasoned home cooks. This smart thermometer is rechargeable and has a large backlit LCD. It can run for 8 months on a single battery. This wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking may be used in any lighting condition and has a sizable backlit LCD. Four color-coded grill temperature probes: The ThermoPro Bluetooth Thermometer for Smoker features four color-coded grill temperature probes that let you track four different meats or ambient temperatures simultaneously with an accuracy of 1.8°F. App with a Single Function: The ThermoPro meat thermometer wireless app includes editable preset temperatures for 9 meat types and their USDA-recommended doneness levels. Keep your smoker in the ideal temperature range with the Hi/Low temperature range feature, which allows you to monitor your cook from up to 500 feet away.


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